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Living Room at THEA residences in Downtown Los Angeles

Spruce Up Your Home for the Fall Season

Fall is the perfect season to get your home spruced up, and take on those projects and chores that you’ve been putting off all summer. THEA’s spacious closets, ample storage space, and in-home washer & dryer make fall housekeeping a breeze. Need some help? THEA’s In-Home Alfred personal assistant is there for you, with services that range from tidying up to deep cleaning. Sign Up HERE  We’ve even rounded up some cleaning tips, tricks and hacks from Apartment Therapy to get you started.

Alfred services included in your lease: bed made to hotel standards, tidy-up, trash and recycling removal, kitchen surfaces wiped down, couch and pillows straightened, light dish cleaning and dishwasher loading/unloading.

No time for housework? If you need a deep clean, Alfred professional home cleaning coordination is a great option for busy residents. The cost of purchased services and items will be billed directly to you.

Organize your closet for fall by separating and storing your summer clothes, and taking inventory of your winter items. You’ll have plenty of space to arrange your wardrobe in our exceptional walk-in closets.

Clean your summer clothes before storing, and freshen up your cozy fall and winter pieces. With your in-home washer & dryer, you’re only a few steps away from handling laundry chores with ease.

Now is the time to sort through and organize your pantry, cookware, tableware, and kitchen accessories. Some of our favorite kitchen organizer products can be found at IKEA, such as drawer dividers, shelf inserts, and utensil trays HERE  And with THEA’s extensive cupboard and storage space, you’ll have plenty of room to create the ultimate gourmet kitchen.

THEA’s sleek shelving is the perfect space to display your collectibles, and park items (like hangbags and keys) so you’ll know just where to find them when you’re on the go.

Apartment Therapy has some great tips on how to declutter and organize your space HERE. Consider donating items that you no longer need to Habitat for Humanity ReStores, independently owned reuse stores operated by local Habitat for Humanity organizations. Sales of donated items help Habitat for Humanity partner with local families to build, rehabilitate and repair safe and affordable homes in your community and around the world.

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