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Home Bars Food 52/Photo: Kelly Scheer home interior design trends near THEA residences in Downtown Los Angeles

Top Home Interior Design Trends for 2022

January is the month for new beginnings. Embrace the moment by giving your home a fresh, new vibe. Color is back, and expressive hues are among the top home decor trends for 2022, as neutrals and all-white minimalism take a back seat. Taking a cue from nature, designers are incorporating organic motifs like curved shapes, rustic textiles, natural and reclaimed wood, and botanical inspired colors for home interiors. Another trend that caught our eye is the home bar, as rooms do more double duty. Looking for ideas? We’ve gathered up some of the top interior design trends of 2022 to inspire your home at THEA.

9th Floor amenities

THEA 9th Floor Amenities

Whether you’re working from home or back on the job in-person, the home office is a trend that’s here to stay. And THEA has all the amenities to compliment your professional lifestyle. Our stunning 9th floor amenity space offers spectacularly designed interiors with conference spaces, viewing rooms, gaming areas, and plenty of space to relax. 

THEA conference room

THEA Conference Room

Need to impress the boss or a client while working from home? Imagine video conferencing from THEA’s Business Lounge in your own personal board room.

Pantone accessories

Very Peri: Pantone Color of the Year 2022

We are living in transformative times, so we were very excited when Pantone announced Very Peri as their 2022 Color of the Year. Displaying a carefree confidence and a daring curiosity, Very Peri helps us to embrace this altered landscape of possibilities, opening us up to a new vision as we rewrite our lives. Rekindling gratitude for some of the qualities that blue represents, complemented by a new perspective that resonates today, Very Peri places the future ahead in a new light. Learn more about Very Peri HERE

Mark D. Sikes bedroom

Interior Design Trends to Know in 2022

2022 offers more home decor options than ever before. In the past two years, our homes have become the main focus of our lives – where we work, sleep, and socialize. So every corner and every object we’re surrounded by needs to serve some sort of purpose. Kelly Wearstler touts the rise of useful domestic technology. Other designers seek a more emotional solution, such as Mark D. Sikes, who notes, “We really want to examine what we love, what we want to live with every day, and for years to come.” Pictured: Bedroom by Mark D. Sikes. Photo: Amy Neunsinger Read more HERE

New Decor Trends shelving

Modern Home Office Design Trends 2022

As we all know, working from home is one of the hottest trends today, so It is not surprising that designers recommend paying as much attention as possible to home office design. The atmosphere should be conducive to productive work and creativity without any inconvenience and distractions. We’ve found some of the top home office design trends to watch for in 2022. More info HERE

New Decor Trends layout

Home Office Eco Style

Eco-style topped the hit list for 2022 home office design trends. An abundance of air and light, naturalness and tranquility are almost indispensable conditions for fruitful and successful work. Some solutions include natural materials such as wooden furniture with an open texture; natural lighting near a window; and elements of nature, such as plants or an aquarium to create a fresh feeling.

New Decor Trends desk

Home Office Desk Trends

A table as the main work surface in a home office should meet two key criteria – comfort and size sufficient to accommodate everything you need on its surface. Depending on what you do in your personal office, the following trendy desks might work: wide long tabletops without legs, mounted in a closet, wall or window sill; classic desks; console tables on thin metal bases; or traditional models with shelves and pull-out stands for a computer keyboard.

New Decor Trends chair

Home Office Chair Trends

Because you’re going to spend so much time In your home office, it’s important that your chair provides the necessary level of comfort. The dream chair for the home office is moderately deep and wide, comfortable and ergonomic, with a wide range of seat height, backrest and headrest tilt adjustments, as well as a foot rest. Some options include deep upholstered semi-chairs in retro style on wooden legs; minimalistic models on metal bases; wicker chairs for eco style lovers; or heavy chairs with a high back made of natural solid wood.

New Decor Trends lighting

Home Office Lighting Trends

The lighting scenario in the office directly depends on its size. If space is allocated for your work area in the bedroom or living room, local lamps are enough. However, more spacious home offices require complete solutions that include several aspects such as full lighting directly to the working area using sconces, table lamps or spots. You can also light the room as a whole with chandeliers, ceiling suspensions, diode lighting or track lights, or illuminate the area using table and floor lamps.

New Decor Trends color

Home Office Color Trends

Home office colors play an almost key role in a room where it is necessary to create all conditions for maximum concentration of attention without sacrificing comfort. Designers do not recommend using bright and harsh shades even as accent details, since they may distract you from your work. Very dark colors, especially black, are also not suitable for small home offices. The optimal solution will be calm, cool tones that create a light and fairly neutral atmosphere, such as desert brown, sage green, dusty rose, and gray-blue.

Home Bars

Home Bars

Time spent at home doesn’t mean all fun is lost. In the past year (and continuing into the present), our homes have learned to flex between WFH zones to fine dining restaurants and entertainment zones. One iteration we’ll see much more of in 2022 is home bars. We think this is a trend that’s here to stay. Cheers! 

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