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Professional Conference Room work from home at THEA residences in Downtown Los Angeles

Work From Home With Professional Amenities at THEA

Life at THEA provides the next level in luxury with unparalleled amenities curated for every lifestyle. Now that working from home is more prevalent than ever, THEA accommodates this trend with exceptional resources for your professional needs. Whether you’re working from home full time, back in the workplace a few days a week, or need a place to meet with clients and colleagues, THEA offers a range of options, from elegant conference rooms to comfortable lounge areas and even a tropical-themed work nook.

Conference Room Amenity Deck

 Professional Conference Room

Impress for success! Level up your client meetings in THEA’s ultra-professional conference room. Located on our Amenity Deck, this stylish space features an elegant conference table with seating for eight, ample shelving and storage, and stunning views of DTLA.

Conference Room 2

Smaller Conference Room

For more intimate meetings or brainstorming sessions, our smaller conference room offers a secluded space to inspire your project and connect with co-workers.

Lounge 2

Luxury Lounge

If you’re looking for a more informal place to meet with colleagues, or just want to curl up with your laptop and work on that proposal, our luxurious lounge provides a comfortable atmosphere while you work.

Lounge 2 Views

Luxury Lounge Offers Epic Views

After you’ve finished your project, you’ll want to linger in our beautiful lounge area. Take a break and enjoy the view. 


Cozy Lounge

This welcoming lounge is the perfect spot when you’re working late. Casual and calming, you’ll make every deadline in record time.

Work Nook 27th Floor

Tropical Work Nook

Need a change of pace? THEA’s personal Work Nook on the 27th Floor is your tropical getaway at home. Grab your favorite device and dive into your work load with a fresh perspective.

Everytable Smart Fridge

The Everytable SmartFridge

All work and no food is not our philosophy. One of THEA’s most popular perks is The Everytable SmartFridge vending machine, located in our fitness center. Everytable’s mission is to provide 24/7 access to fresh, chef-prepared meals from the comfort of home.

The Everytable SmartFridge Swipe Grab Go

With The Everytable SmartFridge, you can enjoy your favorite meals anytime. Just Swipe. Grab. Go!

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Photos 1 – 7: THEA

Photo #8: Everytable

Photo #9: Everytable